Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom Infrastructure for the Networks of Today and Tomorrow

Gap Wireless is a leading distributor of telecom infrastructure solutions for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. With over a decade of experience, we provide end-to-end telecom infrastructure deployment, maintenance, and enhancement solutions for carriers, contractors, and enterprises throughout North America. With our industry-leading vendor partners, we deliver the latest telecom infrastructure technology to support the network needs of today—and tomorrow.

Whatever telecom infrastructure solutions you need for your application, you’ll find the right fit at Gap Wireless. We offer an extensive portfolio of small cell and macro telecom solutions to enhance and optimize your networks. Our comprehensive range of antennas, transmission line, and supporting products are designed to meet the most demanding deployment needs. Our next generation telecom infrastructure products can help you leap forward into 5G with all the increased performance you need for the most demanding new specifications. Finally, Gap Wireless’ large collection of coaxial cables and coax components will ensure you have everything you need for complete and reliable deployment. Read on to learn more about the telecom infrastructure solutions available at Gap Wireless, or browse the Gap Wireless web store to discover the solutions that are right for you.

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Small Cell/Private LTE/Smart Cities solutions at Gap Wireless

Small Cell and Macro solutions from Gap Wireless extend service coverage, increase network capacity, and expand revenue opportunity for mobile operators. Indoor Wi-Fi/DAS and outdoor DAS solutions can provide optimum coverage. Antennas, boosters, repeaters, cavity combiners, and filters are all available.  Wireless Ethernet connectivity solutions enable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations, supporting both Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight applications. Industry-leading vendor solutions from Gap Wireless can provide the latest technology to enable creation of Smart Cities.

Site Antenna Solutions

Gap Wireless supplies a wide selection of antennas ­­– including macro site antennas, Small Cell Antennas, iDAS and oDAS systems –  and also offers transmission line and other supporting  products including lite cell-site towers, mounts, antenna enclosures, and componentry. Products cover various frequency bands for commercial, public safety and license-exempt spectrum applications and other deployment scenarios in fixed or temporary sites. Designed to meet toughest operating requirements, antennas cover single band, broadband and multi-band configurations.

Next Generation DAS/5G/IoT solutions

Gap Wireless has the solutions needed to create next-generation networks. 5G mobile network deployments will need to support increased network coverage, higher data rates and capacity, and better system and spectral efficiency. To accommodate the new 5G standards, mobile systems and base stations will need faster applications processors, basebands and RF devices. The next-gen network will better support the Internet of Things (IoT) with lower cost, battery consumption and latency than 4G networks.

Coaxial Cable/Components solutions

Gap Wireless offers a comprehensive coaxial product portfolio including coaxial cable and componentry. These solutions from industry-leading vendors are used in RF and microwave transmission line system deployments and high grade instrumentation connections. Coaxial cable includes: 50 Ohm braided; flexible and super-flexible foam dielectric; and low-loss air dielectric Plenum-rated for in-building deployments. Among the coax components are adaptors, bias tees, circulators and isolators, DC blocks, attenuators, directional couplers, power dividers and RF terminations.

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