Telecom Report

This report is an examination of the telecommunications solutions available today, telecommunication challenges and emerging technologies.

In particular, we will cover the following:

In-Building Wireless Solutions

  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Distributed Small Cells
  • Approaching IBW Design

In-Building Power Solutions

  • Why Power is the Achilles Heel of In-Building Wireless
  • Fiber+Power: The Best of Both Worlds
  • DC Power and Lithium Batteries for In-Building Wireless
  • A Novel Approach to Power: VoltServer Digital Electricity
  • Solving the Power Problem for Next-Gen In-Building Wireless Networks

Site Antenna Solutions

  • Macro Cells and Small Cells
  • Distributed Small Cells
  • The Increasing Importance of Small Cell Site

In-Tunnel Wireless Solutions

  • Challenges For In-Tunnel Wireless Solutions
  • Approaches to In-Tunnel Wireless
  • Ensuring Safety with In-Tunnel Wireless

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Gap Wireless Telecom Report

Featured Solutions from Gap Wireless

In-Building Wireless Solutions

In-Building Wirelesss Solutions.

Sunwave’s CrossFire N2 is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE IP and public safety technologies on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 8 x 3GPP bands with a combined EiRP value of almost 1 Watt utilizing integrated antennas for cellular and Bluetooth beaconing, plus integrated Wi-Fi as an option. The N2 platform is part of the CrossFire 2.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology from 360MHz to 3.8GHz, plus future RAN virtualisation.

CrossFire NPRU is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE and public safety technologies on Twisted Pair Copper and Optical cabling using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 4 x 3GPP bands across a wideband software-defined remote unit. The NPRU platform provides a Wi-Fi style approach to deployment of cellular coverage by adopting structured cabling including Power over Ethernet between the floor riser and antenna location. An ideal solution for the Enterprise.

In-Building Power Solutions


VoltServer is the first company to commercialize the distribution of electricity in a natively digital format. VoltServer is a venture-backed technology leader reinventing how electrical energy is distributed. Patented and proven Digital Electricity™ is an innovative method for distributing power with the high power aspects of AC and the safety and simplicity of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Wirewerks develops and manufactures advanced optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems that provide the crucial physical layer foundation for our customers’ mission-critical ICT networks. Wirewerks solutions are engineered to satisfy our customers’ ever-increasing needs for more network bandwidth, greater throughput, faster data rates, and greater reliability.

Site Antenna Solutions

Site Antenna Solutions Banner

MatSing is the worlds leading manufacturer of large size, light weight RF Lenses.  With our patented meta-material and manufacturing techniques, MatSing is capable of designing and manufacturing different types of RF Lenses for multiple industries and applications. Utilizing our light weight RF Lens technology, we are capable of manufacturing different sized multi-beam RF Lens antennas, introducing a new age of antenna design and providing high-performance and high-capacity antennas for the Telecommunications industry.

Gamma Nu designs and manufactures world-class antennas for a wide range of wireless needs. With a dedicated focus on PIM free and low loss antennas, Gamma Nu delivers high quality solutions including base station antennas, stadium antennas, iDAS and oDAS antennas, public safety system antennas, canister antennas, and more.

In-Tunnel Wireless Solutions

In-Tunnel Wireless Subway Solutions

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) provides the most advanced active, passive and hybrid RF distribution systems for in-tunnel coverage, railway station coverage, and outdoor track-side rail coverage.

The latest patented Radiaflex® cable supports all mission-critical and commercial wireless services, working in all 3GPP bands up to 3.8GHz. Using RFS’s unique mode suppression technology the ultra-broadband cable works with no stopbands to support current and future frequency needs, protecting customer investment from spectrum re-banding and pre-empting new generation requirements for years to come. The cable is technology agnostic, giving complete flexibility to customers, supporting mixed configurations and multi-operator or shared infrastructure deployments.