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The Keys to Electromagnetic Testing for Product Development, Compatibility, and Safety

As crucial as electromagnetic signals are, they must also be carefully controlled. The wrong signal at the wrong time could prove disastrous—even deadly. Those exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields must carefully monitor their exposure. Designers of wireless equipment must ensure that their products do not cause harm, direct or indirect. This requires rigorous testing and certification.

In this report, we will explore the challenges of electromagnetic testing and discover some available solutions to those challenges. We will also examine the ways in which electromagnetic testing is poised to change and how stakeholders can better prepare themselves to adapt to those changes.

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The Keys to Efficient and Effective Over-the-Air Testing

Antennas no longer work alone but may be grouped in intelligent arrays that steer their signals in the proper directions, all at frequencies much higher than those typically used in the past. Ultimately, these changes are improvements for end-users with increasing demands. However, they come at the cost of increased complexity for the designers of wireless equipment and communication networks. In particular, the sophistication of modern wireless systems demands sophisticated over-the-air (OTA) testing and measurements. These tests can be costly, complex, and cumbersome, but they are critical to ensuring proper system performance and conformance to wireless standards.

In this report, we will look at the benefits, challenges, and emerging solutions for efficient and effective OTA testing.

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