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Wavecontrol Ensures Safe Working Conditions With Choice of RF Personal Monitors

Wavecontrol, a global provider of leading-edge devices that measure electromagnetic fields, now provides two models of RF personal monitors to keep workers safe – both available from Gap Wireless. The devices provide real-time and accurate electromagnetic exposure measurement for installation and inspection staff.

Continuous monitoring of individuals’ EMF exposure is provided by these two models:

  • WaveMon RF-8 RF Personal Monitor – tracking E-field up to 8 GHz and H-field up to 1 GHz
  • WaveMon RF-40 RF Personal Monitor that’s 5G Ready – monitoring E-field up to 40 GHz.


With WaveMon, workers can concentrate on their tasks with no concern for overexposure to electronic fields. Not only do the devices measure exposure levels, but they flag anomalies to the user with visual, sound, and vibration warnings, and even track individual history of exposure for later assessment.

The devices are always close at hand, with a choice of harness, belt or arm holder. They can also be handheld close to a source of radiation and then put back easily, with a small caribiner attached to prevent dropping the device.

WaveMon RF Personal Monitors are powered for over a month by two rechargeable AA batteries, providing a high level of autonomy. The Exposimeter with datalogger USB enables easy downloading, set-up and battery charging, while the GPS and Altimeter provide geolocation of measurements.

Not all monitors are created equally given the need to accommodate varying international standards including ICNIRP, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC and Safety Code 6 (2015), so weighted response to any standard is provided.

With personal well-being and safe working conditions a priority for Wavecontrol, you’re invited to explore the two WaveMon models and discover how they can protect your team. Click here for more details on WaveMon, stocked and distributed by Gap Wireless.

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