SYSKIM International

SYSKIM International is a global leader in the supply of customized connectors and industrial parts for transport, mining, military and telecommunication industries. With clients in over 10 countries, SYSKIM has an excellent reputation for first-class manufacturing. SYSKIM is best known for the supply of specialized parts to OEM manufacturers as part of an assembled solution. In recent years, they have established a strong capability in delivering finished products for installation into operational systems.

SYSKIM commenced operation in 1995. It is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with its international headquarters located in Sydney, New South Wales, and global offices located in Korea and North America. In a competitive global market, SYSKIM sets itself apart through an ability to supply a “stand alone” or “complete solution” to their customers in areas of communications, broadcasting, mining and the defense industry.

Success has recently been achieved through their development of circular connectors demanded by the RF industry. With its primary manufacturing and assembly facilities located in Korea, linked with specialized engineering and final stage assembly facilities in Australia, SYSKIM provides a unique capability to supply in a timely fashion, according to specialized world standards for the transport, military and RF industries, as well as general applications.

RF Passive Components

Cable-Assemblies at gap wireless

Cable Assemblies