SYSKIM International

SYSKIM International

SYSKIM International is a leading global supplier of customized connectors for industries including telecommunications, transport, mining, military, and more. Serving customers in over 10 countries, SYSKIM International offers OEMs specialized parts with a reputation for excellent manufacturing and service as well as a proven ability to deliver circular connectors and other finished products for system installation.

Founded in 1995 in Australia, SYSKIM International maintains its international headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, with global offices in Korea and North America. SYSKIM International prides itself on the ability to offer its customers complete, standalone solutions for communications, broadcasting, mining, and defense applications.

SYSKIM International’s primary manufacturing and assembly facilities in Korea are complemented by final stage assembly facilities in Australia, allowing the company to provide its transport, military, and RF customers with timely delivery in accordance with demanding industry standards.

SYSKIM Circular Connectors

In response to the unique needs of the RF industry, SYSKIM International has recently achieved success with the development of circular connectors. SYSKIM International provides a wide range of circular connectors, including MS connectors, which adhere to MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-26482, and VG95234 specifications; KSU series connectors, in accordance with Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) specifications to provide easy mounting, electromagnetic protection, and an IP67 protection rating; and M series connectors, which are A, B, C, D, and X coded. SYSKIM International’s circular connectors are ideally suited for applications including electronic equipment, control engineering, automation, medical equipment, and more.

In addition to its circular connector solutions, SYSKIM International provides RF passive components, cable assemblies, antennas, and more to serve leading vendors around the world with industry-leading products delivered in rapid timeframes.

To learn more about SYSKIM International and the company’s circular connectors and other RF solutions, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today.

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